FBS - IMRG Research Collaboration

We are very excited to announce that the Fashion Business School, LCF, UAL and IMRG have formed a research partnership to further develop IMRG’s market leading retail insight programme.

A panel of postgraduate and undergraduate students are helping IMRG expand both its trend-based research and site optimisation research programmes, the results of which inform the IMRG data studies. 

The FBS postgraduates are currently involved in two major projects with IMRG, the output of both projects represents some of the most insightful and engaging market data available for online retail in the UK.
The first project is analysing behaviour over the Black Friday period. Black Friday is the most crucial period of the year in the retail calendar so all market insights take on an increased importance. The FBS postgraduates examine and monitor critical website activity over Black Friday across hundreds of retail websites. Their data collection is then analysed in collaboration with IMRG to present the most accurate picture of how the Big Week unfolded across the UK.
The second project is aimed to capture the longer term view of changing retail strategies. The FBS postgraduates are analysing and evaluating hundreds of retail websites every week to build a picture of discounting patterns, delivery practices and returns policies. The insights gathered form part of some of the most insightful and useful analysis available to the UK online retail industry.

Below are the students participating in the research:



Aarushi Kohli

A fashion designer by profession, with robust knowledge in operations, having worked for suppliers in India for brands like Macy’s, J. Crew, M&S, Superdry and more. Capitalizing on her graphic design skills, Aarushi has collaborated with organisations on projects towards children's mental wellbeing and social welfare. She relishes exploring different facets of design and blending creativity with realism in all aspects of work. She is currently pursuing an MBA from London College of Fashion, UAL to further her fashion business prowess.

Agnieszka Krahel

Agnieszka Krahel is an MSc Strategic Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL with previous experience in Retail and Property Management. Agnieszka is a confident individual with strong organisational, as well as analytical skills and the ability to multi-task. Her main areas of interest are luxury, e-commerce and business analytics. 

Aleksandra Sobczak

Aleksandra Sobczak is a third year BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing student at London College of Fashion, UAL. Her previous professional experiences, in both Eastern and Western European countries, allowed her to acquire valuable insights into those two significantly different markets and groups of consumers. Completing an internship at an interactive marketing agency, she has gained expertise in social media management and content creation. For Aleksandra, the IMRG & London College of Fashion collaboration is a perfect opportunity to broaden her knowledge of data analytics and improve her research abilities.

Alyssa How

Alyssa How is a MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion student with a BA (Hons) in Buying and Merchandising from London College of Fashion, UAL. Alyssa having lived in Singapore, Thailand, New York and London, with experience in wholesale, ecommerce, and buying, at companies such as Paul Smith, LNDR and JUST, comes with a diverse and international background allowing her to adapt easily to different environments. Alyssa is interested in buying, data analysis, consumer behaviour and consulting within the retail sector.  She has a keen eye for entrepreneurship as she has created a successful business plan for her BA (Hons) degree.   

Anastasiya Fedyunina

Anastasia is a MSc Strategic Fashion Management graduate from London College of Fashion, UAL.  Her current interests include the usage and implementation of big data and big data analytics (Google Trends) across different sectors of the fashion industry, with a particular focus on predicting fashion consumer buying behaviour. She is now in the process of getting her CIMA qualification in Business Accounting and works as a product development manager at the contemporary fashion brand Mochic.

For Anastasia, the IMRG & London College of Fashion, UAL collaboration is a unique opportunity to gain more insights about consumer behaviour and companies’ marketing strategies across the retail sector.

Andressa Fontana

Andressa Fontana is a final year BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing student, aspiring to pair her professional experience in modelling and luxury retail with academic experience, to contribute to the development of the fashion industry.

Anna Moroz

Anna Moroz is a third year BSc (Hons) Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL. She is devoted to being a proactive member of society with a primary interest in sustainability and finance.

Anuska Patil

Anushka Patil is a student of MSc Strategic Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, UAL. As a motivated individual and an undergraduate student, she has experienced and explored parts of the industry like marketing, business operations, retail, and data analysis through work experiences, internships or research-based learning. She is keenly interested in data analysis for the fashion industry and other consumer industries. She also aims to develop her studies into the use of data analysis for economic and social sustainability in the future.

Arunima Dhawan

Arunima is an MBA candidate at London College of Fashion, UAL. A Fashion Designer as a professional with strong aesthetic sense and a business outlook. Skilled at merchandising, buying, business development and creative strategy. An ardent technology enthusiast with a fervent approach towards digitisation for the future. A traveller by heart with a zeal to learn and explore continuously.

Chloe Peyrouzet

Chloe Peyrouzet is a Franco Spanish final year BA (Hons) Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL. She has worked in the commercial department in Barbara Bui in Paris and at Paris Fashion Week with their showroom team. Chloe is passionate about fashion and technology and is pursuing the opportunity to further improve her analytical and numerical skills, gain working experience in the business world and discover different viewpoints and aspects of the fashion industry.

Dana White

Dana White is studying MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at London College of Fashion, UAL. She has also completed her BSc degree in Business Administration Finance at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Dana’s interests include learning fashion design, researching consumer behaviour and inclusivity in the fashion industry. She is an excellent team player and is very reliable, as proven through over four years of experience in customer service positions. Dana constantly seeks new experiences to advance her interpersonal and business skills

Din Berckmans

Din Berckmans is in her penultimate year of MSc Strategic Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, UAL. She has gained valuable experience in logistics, distribution and planning through working at Nike’s European Logistics Campus. 

Eva Halkenhauser

Eva Halkenhauser is currently studying BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising at London College of Fashion, UAL. She has previously completed a foundation course in International Preparation for Fashion with LCF, and numerous other short courses through other Institutes and Universities such as Parsons and The Fashion Institute of Technology. She has interned in a variety of roles including social media marketing, and assistant to the buyer and now data research with IMRG. Experience gained from each course and prior work placements have contributed towards her knowledge, improved communications, leadership and problem-solving skills.

Evie Priestman

Evie Priestman is a first year BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising student at London College of Fashion, UAL. Since working as a retail sales assistant, she has a focused her interest on consumer behaviour and buying strategies. She is keen to widen her knowledge of the retail industry and working with IMRG will develop her use of data analysis and give her more insights into how retailers respond to consumer demand. 

Gemma-Lee Parker

Gemma-Lee Parker is a passionate and sustainably motivated MA Global Fashion Retail student at London College of Fashion, UAL. Her current focus is developing the projection of contemporary omnichannel retail by putting consumer experience at the core of an eco-advantage business model.

Giulia Redaelli

Giulia Redaelli is a first-year student on BSc Strategic Fashion Management, London College of Fashion, UAL. From Italy, she loves to travel and engage with new opportunities worldwide. She believes that the experience gained through interning at IMRG will empower her with new professional and managing skills.

Irene Carolina Román Freire

Irene Román is a second year, BSc Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL. Living across Latin America, Europe and Asia has given her a unique global perspective which she has transferred to her professional development. She is passionate about finding ways to tell stories through numbers within the fashion business context.

Izzy Clare

Isabelle Clare is a first-year student of MSc Strategic Fashion Management at London College of Fashion, UAL. Studying fashion business and working as a sales assistant for various well-known retailers (including GAP, Skechers and TK Maxx) has developed her love for the fashion industry.  She hopes to pursue a career in fashion analytics or journalism and enjoys writing articles on the past, present and future of the fashion industry for a personal blog. 

Jeremiah Osei-Tutu

Jeremiah Osei-Tutu is a graduate member of The British Psychological Society (BPS), and MSc student of Applied Psychology in Fashion at London College of Fashion, UAL. A former publisher of luxury fashion books and magazines, and author of 'Reading In-between the Lines of Homophobia'. Jeremiah's interests and specialisations relate to social cognition and identity formation, which he presented in his TED Talk ‘The Protagonist and the Script’.

Jess Bailey

Jessica Bailey is studying towards a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion Buying and Merchandising at London College of Fashion, UAL. In the 2020 lockdown, a shortage of scrubs inspired her to make a TikTok video promoting volunteer scrub production for the NHS. This initiative led to work as a seamstress with The Fashion Workshop making PPE gowns. Jessica is highly motivated, enthusiastic and people focused; she has worked in retail, as a receptionist and as a bookkeeper.

Kristie Wong

Kristie Wong is a second year MSc Strategic Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL, who is optimistic to all challenges. A reliable, committed student with skills in leadership. She has succeeded at leading and coordinating with others on projects, dedicated to completing tasks to the highest of standards.

Merve Ileri

Merve is a second year, MSc Strategic Fashion Management Student at the London College of Fashion, UAL.  Having had multiple internship positions, as well as working as a luxury retail sales associate, Merve has managed to narrow down her career direction. With great ambitions to create a future in data analysis, Merve is hoping to jump-start her career by taking her first steps with IMRG, in hopes of finding some new insight and understanding of the industry.

Mia Fakhry

Mia Fakhry- BIO for IMRG x LCF As a second-year BSc Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL, I have been given numerous opportunities to explore the depths of the fashion industry, one being data analysis with IMRG. Growing up in a multicultural household and having lived in multiple countries I have always appreciated and loved working and meeting people from all over the world. My previous studies have provided me with a strong foundation in calculations, theoretical concepts, and analysis, whereas my current studies at LCF have given me insight into the fashion industry with a strong emphasis on business. Together, this was an exciting new opportunity for me to collaborate with students from all nationalities and years while working on a project that combined fashion and analysis.

Nicky Dwyer

Nicky Dwyer is a recent first-class honour graduate of Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Global Fashion Retail at London College of Fashion. Upon graduation in October 2021, Nicky plans to pursue a career combining her twin passions for innovation and strategy formulation in the fashion arena. 

Nicole Hernandez Vazquez

Nicole Hernandez Vazquez is a BSc Strategic Fashion Management student at London College of Fashion, UAL. She has strong international background and speaks 4 languages ( English, Spanish, Italian, French and is proficient in Russian) which allows her to have a better understanding of international markets. Nicole has explored and implemented several fields within the industry. With experience in retail consulting and data analysis she has developed great analytical skills allowing her to adapt and be flexible to unprecedented changes.

For Nicole, the IMRG x London College of Fashion, UAL collaboration represents a  singular opportunity to deepen her knowledge and understanding of consumer behaviour and business analytics.

Qiao Kang

Qiao is studying MSc Applied Psychology in Fashion at London College of Fashion, UAL. He is particularly keen on consumer behaviour and is passionate about applying his psychology expertise to the area of sustainable fashion. He has experience in working with a small womenswear and homeware business for a collaborative course unit, where he and his teammates helped the business owner gain a better understanding of their consumer group and develop better brand-to-consumer communication strategies. Born in China and having studied in the UK for 6 years, Qiao is very sensitive to and interested in cultural differences in general, useful when working in culturally diverse environments, such as the fashion industry. 

Sara Sethia

Having had the knowledge of business management in her graduation, Sara's current interest lies in understanding and having a deeper insight into the fashion industry. She is hence, currently pursuing an MBA at London College of Fashion, UAL to broaden her horizon proficiency and expertise in the field. She has worked in the industry as a retail analyst for a menswear fashion brand in India, along with experience in a number of marketing and operations internship over the years. For Sara, the IMRG and London College of Fashion, UAL collaboration is a great learning opportunity as it gives her the opportunity to work in the retail sector and understand different marketing strategies employed by companies.

Shreya Khurana

Shreya is a London College of Fashion, UAL MBA graduate specialising in strategic consulting and project management with a keen interest in research and business analytics. Her previous experience as an Owner and Creative Director for a start-up business led her to work across all upstream and downstream supply chain processes to scale the brand. Highly skilled in buying and merchandising, she is passionate about corporate sustainability within the wider fashion industry.

Suha Nayeem

Suha is a graduate in Fashion Design currently pursuing an MBA at London College of Fashion, UAL. With a background in commercial retail design, Suha has previously worked on various design projects with Primark, Zara, Pull & Bear and Walmart. She is passionate about advancing her current knowledge with regards to innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.  With the IMRG & London College of Fashion, UAL collaboration, she is hoping to use her existing insights in retail, broaden her knowledge as a researcher concerning data analytics and learn new ways to look at data.

Tanya El-Khatib

Tanya recently completed an integrated MSc degree in Strategic Fashion Management, with a focus on ethical consumer behaviours in the context of online fast fashion retail. She is currently working towards completing the CIMA Business Accounting qualification in addition to preparing a PhD proposal. Her academic interests lie within the intersection of social justice and climate justice issues, particularly in relation to racial equality, and the relevance of these issues to fashion consumption attitudes and behaviour. She has also developed a new hobby for gardening during lockdown!

Yiwen Xu

Yiwen Xu is a second-year BSc (Hons) Fashion Management, London College of Fashion, UAL student. Her studies have given her a better understanding of the different stakeholders within a fashion business and their need to work collaboratively. Yiwen once worked as a sales assistant at Ralph Lauren, where she put her academic learning into practice.  She is keen to develop her skills further through interning in an ecommerce department in the near future.