IMRG Data Webinar - 2019 Optimisation: What have we learnt so far?


2019 has been a tough year so far for online retail, with sales well below expectation. But finding new sales opportunities is only one way to grow; optimising areas of your site can also boost performance. 

IMRG tracks the key performance indicators of hundreds of retailers across the breadth of the retail sphere. Our aggregate charting of market movements gives us insight into everything from sector sales trends, to customer behaviour split by device (desktop, smartphone, tablet), to the features of retail websites which influence a conversion.

Join IMRG and SAS for this Data Webinar, where we’ll be homing in on those metrics which not only define the state of play of UK ecommerce, but also those which provide the most actionable information for retailers to take away and study alongside their online retail strategies.

During this webinar, we will draw insight from multiple data studies we have undertaken throughout 2019 so far; you will learn:

  • How to structure elements of the customer funnel
  • How site visitors behave when using on-site search
  • How site visitors behave when using the navigation menu
  • How to optimise your checkout

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This webinar will be 30 minutes long.


  • Andy Mulcahy

    Andy Mulcahy

    Strategy and Insight Director | IMRG

    Andy has worked at the heart of the online retail industry since 2010 – researching and producing reports on trends and developments affecting the sector. During that time, Andy has developed strong knowledge in multiple areas of online retail, with particular expertise in Black Friday.

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